Change the Groups Contacts Are Associated With

To showcase how to make this type of a change, we will adjust “Prospects” to “Trials”. In order to make these changes, you will need to have the right permissions in the settings of Fit Pro Tracker. Ask support if this is a feature you cannot access but need to for your position.

  1. Go to Prospects in your side panel

  2. See how many you have in your “Trials” section as a number appears next to the name in the side panel.

  3. Say you want to change prospects to “trials”.

  4. Select the “Prospects” you want to change the group of.

  5. Go to “Batch” and in the drop-down, select “Change Contacts Group”.

  6. Select the group you want to move them to. In our case, we select “Trials”.

  7. Hit “confirm”.

  8. Now, you should see the number in the side-panel adjust for the group you added those contacts to.

  9. When you select on the group you’ve added the new contacts to, you can then select that new contact.

  10. In that contact’s activity feed, you will see the notes that the contact has been changed from the group they were in, to the group that you moved them to. It also shows who moved them.

Edit a Contact’s Address Using “Search Address” With the Street Number Included

When you want to adjust or add a contact’s address, the process is easier than ever.

  1. Go to the Contact Record, by searching and selecting your contact.

  2. Select the orange pencil, in the top right corner of the profile window.

  3. Search for the Street Address in the search tool within the edit fields.

  4. Now, when you select the correct address, it will auto populate the address in the below fields, and it includes the street number in “Street 1” field.

  5. Click “Update Contact”.

Edit a Current Campaign’s Email Subject or From Label

  1. Go to “Campaigns” in your side panel.

  2. Click on “Campaign Management”.

  3. Click on a Campaign that you would like to change the subject field for an email within that campaign.

  4. When you change the Subject field or From Label field in this window, it will adjust it for any active user in this campaign.

  5. Once your changes were made, click “Update” to save your changes.

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