Notification Prompts Prior to Actions

Notifications are now updated to provide prompts for you prior to making changes or sending out messages. As an example, when you send batches, you will see notification prompts before sending or making changes. To see this example:

  1. Go to “Leads” in your side panel.

  2. Select a couple of your leads.

  3. Go to the “Batch” drop-down menu, and select “Batch SMS”.

  4. Load the template and edit the text for your batch.

  5. Click “Send Batch SMS”.

  6. You will see a prompt that says, “Confirm your action please…” before you are able to send out the batch.

  7. If you try to remove someone from the batch, it will also give you a prompt before you follow through on the action.

Insert a Form Link In an Email Message

To insert a form link in an email message follow these steps:

  1. Go to the contact you would like to send the email to by searching for the prospect in your search bar.

  2. Once you’re in Prospect Details, click on “Email” to access the email editor.

  3. Click on the “Insert Tags” button that looks like an image of a screw.

  4. You will see in the drop-down there that you can select “Insert [formlink]”, which will allow you to add a form link within your email message.

Delete Contacts In Your Archive Section

To delete contacts in your archive section:

  1. Go to “Archive” in your side panel.

  2. Select the contact(s) you want to delete.

  3. Hit “Delete Contact” (the red button at the top of your contacts list.

  4. Now, your contact will be deleted, and you will see the contact disappear from the list.

Update and Save Templates for SMS or Emails

  1. Go to “Location” in your side panel.

  2. Click on “Templates” in your side panel.

  3. For either SMS or Emails:

In the Staff Section, View and Edit Email Signature for a Staff Member

To view the email signature in the staff section:

  1. Click on “Staff” in your side panel.

  2. Click “View” on the staff member you’d like to view the signature for.

  3. In the Profile, you will see an email signature section, which will show you what the signature looks like for that staff member. You can also edit the signature here too.

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