Pin A Note At the Top of The Activity Feed

If you want to have a note appear at the top of your activity feed, there is a feature within the new note you can now check that will ensure it appears at the top of your feed. Here’s how:

  1. Type in a customer’s name in the top search bar, and select that contact.

  2. You will see that you can “Pin this note”. So check the box, and type your note.

  3. Hit “Save Note”.

  4. This makes it so that this note will now appear at the very top of your activity feed.

Archive Contacts With Error Messages with Data

When you edit your contacts, you can Archive Contacts, even if their information is not accurately put into their contact information, and you can also see why certain data is not a valid input for that field.

  1. Type in the contact’s name in the top search bar, and select that contact.

  2. Click the orange, pencil edit button in the upper-right hand corner of the Prospect Details section of your contact.

  3. Here, you can now update a contact to be “archived” even if some of the data is wrong since it came from another source. Do this by selecting the “Archive Contact” button in the upper-right-hand corner of the page. This will work, even if you have alerts that certain fields are not valid.

  4. Additionally, if there is incorrect data that has been input into a contact field, you will see red text that describes why it is not a valid entry. This will assist as you aim to update your data for your contacts.

Send Messages to Archived Contacts

If you want to update archived contacts so that you can send messages to them again:

  1. In your side panel, click on “Archive”.

  2. Select the contact you want to adjust.

  3. If you adjust the archived contact to be a member, you will now be able to send messages to that contact as soon as that updated change is made.

  4. The contact is no longer archived once you complete this change.

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