Importing contacts is a big deal to keep track on your clients and categorizing them is better for your gym, let's see how to import them quickly and easily.

Tips Before Starting Import:

  1. Make sure you add your gyms Membership and Lead Sources (Optional) into Fit Pro Tracker before uploading your CSV file.

  2. Dates in CSV file need to be MM/DD/YYYY before uploading.

  3. Make sure their are not "double headers" in CSV file.

Importing Steps

1. Go to your left menu and click in the Import Contacts submenu:

2. Choose the contact group you need. In case you have questions about the each group you can click in the Break Down picuture in the highlighted link:

3. Make sure to have the correct contact group you need, depending on the group there are different requiered fields.
4. Download the contact CSV file and fill in it with your clients information.
5. Start import, this can be done from the CSV file in your computer or you can paste them on the importer

6. Now you have the option to review your data and map the labels to your own CSV file.

7. Submit the information, please make sure to have the correct information in the correct contact group because once you submit the file you can't batch move contacts to another group, you'll have to move them one by one.

And there you have it!! Now you can import contacts in an easy and quick way. 😎

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