Viewing, Filtering, and Downloading Contacts Based on Whether or Not You Can Email / Text Them

In order to easily identify who you can and cannot email or text, you can now view this in the “all contacts” window and filter your contacts by this status. You can also download your filtered list for further usage. To do this:

  1. Go to “All Contacts” in your side panel.

  2. You will now see two new columns in this “All Contacts” video. Scroll to the left of the screen by clicking on the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.

  3. You will now see two columns at the end: “Can Email” and “Can Text”.

  4. These columns make it easy for you to see if the contact is able to receive emails or texts.

  5. You can also filter your contacts based on whether or not they can receive emails or texts.

  6. You can also select your list and “Download as CSV”. Do this by selecting your list on the left-hand side, and then hit the “Download CSV” button.

Cancel a Scheduled Message

Once you schedule a message, there is a very easy way to cancel it before it is sent.

To schedule a message:

  1. Go to a user’s profile.

  2. Click on “email”.

  3. Select the email message you would like to schedule by visiting “Load Email Templates”. Make any edit to the message.

  4. Pick when to send it.

  5. Hit “Schedule”.

To cancel the message:

  1. Previously, you would have a reply area and a status section under this activity. Now, you don’t have the extra items there since it doesn’t make sense for a scheduled message. Now, you have a “Cancel” button. This allows you to cancel the message that was scheduled for a future date. To cancel, simply click on “Cancel”. The email is now cancelled and will show in the activity feed as a “Canceled” activity.

You can Now Change the Group a Contact is in At the Contact Level and the Change will Appear in the Activity Feed

When you change an individual’s group, this change will now appear in the activity feed to provide a more accurate understanding of the lifecycle and changes for that contact.

  1. Go to a user’s profile.

  2. In the left-hand panel for the contact area, you will see an option to “Change Group” with a drop-down menu. Click here to view your options.

  3. Select the group you would like to assign to this contact. Hit “Save”.

In the activity feed:

  1. Now, you will see that this contact has been moved to the new group, when you look at the refreshed activity feed for that contact, and you will also see which group they were moved from.

Add the Address Information for a Contact

In order to add the address for a contact, the update is very simple.

  1. Go to a user’s profile.

  2. Click on the “Pencil” edit icon that is above the user’s image and name.

  3. Here, you can now enter in the address for a contact.

  4. Click on “Update Contact” when finished with your edit.

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