As an owner to can add staff members to Fit Pro Tracker. You will be able to see all the activity of your staff and track what they are doing and saying to clients. Please see the video as well as the article that with show the time each section is in the video below.

Go to the Staff Management - 0:29sec

It is the "staff" tab on the left side of Fit Pro Tracker

Adding a Staff Member - 0:35sec

  1. Click on orange Add Staff Manager button on the top right corner

  2. Enter in email of staff member

  3. Select User Type --- You will be able to edit this later

  4. Click on "Invite Staff Member"

Editing and Checking In On Individual Staff Members - 2:17sec

Click on the blue bottom "View" on right side of the staff members you would like to edit or check in on.

  1. Profile - You can edit the staff members profile info. (phone number, email, signature, etc) After editing make sure you click update at the bottom of the page.

  2. Access - Edit the staffs user Type - (Owner, Manger, Staff, Trainer). Edit the staffs privileges depending on their role at your gym. If the staff needs a new password it can be updated at the bottom of this page.

  3. Activity - This section was designed for the owner to be able to check in on their staff to see exactly what each staff member is doing throughout the day. Fit Pro Tracker keeps track of all the action and all the communication by each staff member each day. You will also be able to export each staffs activity onto a excel file if needed.

  4. Logging - You will be able to check to see if they are currently logged into Fit Pro Tracker.

Revoke Access - 7:07sec

As an owner you can revoke the access of your staff into your Fit Pro Tracker.

  1. Click on "Revoke Access" on the right side.

  2. Below you will be able to see who has been revoke out of our Fit Pro Tracker.

  3. Activate Access - you can also activate the access of a staff that was previously revoke by clicking on "activate access"

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