This week, we have two new features arriving to Fit Pro Tracker. In the first, you can now assign specific team members to specific actions within a campaign. In the second, you can create a batch booking for multiple contacts at once, to invite multiple contacts to a single event.

Send Texts from Staff Members in Campaigns

  1. Go to “Campaign” in your side panel.

  2. Click on “Campaign Management”.

  3. Search for your campaign. (SEARCH STAFF - AK NOTE)

  4. Double click on the campaign name to edit that campaign. 

  5. In your campaign window, you will see your actions when you scroll down. Here, you will now see additional merge fields you can use to replace information you have. You can use [name] and [staff].

  6. If you want to adjust the staff member that this is coming from and override the assigned staff member, you will select the user in the drop-down member, listed under “Optional override this action with Staff Member”. This will ensure this single action in the campaign is sent from that specific staff member rather than the staff member who is assigned to the contact.

  7. Now, you can search a given contact in the campaign, and you should be able to see in the upcoming actions for that contact, the campaign action(s) and who they’re coming from. 

  8. You will see that if you didn’t select a specific staff member for that action, it will come from the assigned user for that contact. If you did select a specific staff member for that action, you will see that it will come from that selected staff member, listed as “overwritten staff”. 

  9. When you select specific staff for that action, it will only overwrite it for that specific action.

Ability for a Staff Member to Send a Group Batch for An Appointment

  1. Go to “All Contacts” in your side panel.

  2. Select the contacts you want to send the batch booking to. 

  3. Select the blue button that says “batch”. Then select “Batch Booking”.

  4. You will see the contacts that the batch will be sent to.

  5. You will also see the calendar view. Here, double click on the date and time you want to schedule the event.

  6. Add in your title for the event, start time, end time, whether or not to repeat. 

  7. In the Notes area, you can insert the information for your webinar or Zoom meeting, depending on how you want to meet.

  8. Select the “Staff Member” this is coming from.

  9. Select the “Appointment Type”.

  10. Hit “Select”, then you will see how it will look on the calendar. It is not saved at this point.

  11. Make sure you then hit “Save” in the upper right-hand corner if everything looks good.

  12. To ensure it is scheduled, you can double click on the user, and you will see it listed under upcoming scheduled appointments. If you double click on the event, you will also see all the contacts that are invited to the event.

Adjusting Dates for Emails, SMS, or Batch

When you are in the email area, you need to go to the icon to select the date and time, next to the area where it is displayed. You cannot type in the date or time. This is because different countries have different time formats, so we wanted to ensure the format remains the same across the board.

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