New Booking Feature to Schedule Staff Appointments

You can now schedule your staff, right in Fit Pro Tracker, and identify who is doing what, when. 

To accomplish this:

  1. In your side panel, you will now see a section titled “Booking” in that section, you will find Staff and Booking/Alerts

  2. Click on “Staff”. Here, you can make a schedule for each of the staff members.

  3. Select the staff member you want to start working on.

  4. Click into the calendar area where you would like to edit.

  5. Type in your title for the event: “Nutrition”, “Personal Coaching”, etc.

  6. Select the start time.

  7. Select the end time.

  8. Edit whether or not this should repeat, how often, and which day(s).

  9. Consider any notes you want in the event. 

  10. Select the type of the appointment. This is important for future metrics we will be adding. 

  11. Hit “Save”.

  12. Now, in your calendar you should see the event you just scheduled. 

  13. Now, select another staff member. You will now only see the appointments for that staff member. You can follow the same process above to edit a schedule for this staff member. Be sure to save.

  14. When there is no specific staff selected in the filter, you will be able to see the view for all staff at once, so you can keep track of the staff members’ time and the type of appointments they are setting.

Scheduling Appointments With Your Clients

You now have an easy way to schedule appointments with your contacts in Fit Pro Tracker. 

  1. Search your contact.

  2. Select your contact

  3. Click on “Schedule” in the top menu of contact.

  4. Click on the calendar day and time for when you want to schedule an appointment for that contact.

  5. Fill out the “Title”

  6. Edit the Start and End times

  7. Edit “Repeat” area if you want this event to repeat. 

  8. Insert any relevant notes.You can also put in video information, including a link, into this area for the recipient to receive.

  9. Assign the staff member the appointment is with.

  10. Select the appointment type in the drop-down. 

  11. Hit “Save”.

  12. You can see the calendar event color matches who it is assigned to. 

  13. Say you schedule another appointment with this contact. The appointment shows on the calendar. You can drop and drag the appointment time in the viewer to change the time.You can even click on the block and extend the time. It will also alert you if there is a scheduling conflict.

Automatic Alerts Base on Calendar Events

When you schedule an appointment on the calendar with a contact and a staff member, the contact will now receive automatic reminders about the event. This is a great tool to use for your in-person meetings at the gym, but it is also very effective for your online training and meetings that you are doing virtually.

  1. Go to your side panel. 

  2. Click on “Booking Alerts”, under the “Booking” section.

  3. In here, you will see there are two types of notifications: SMS and email notifications. If you want to disable, just click to turn off, and hit “save”.

  4. To edit a notification that is turned on, click on the plus ( + ) sign that is to the far right of the alert area.

  5. The first one is the “On Schedule” notification. This is going to go out 5 minutes after you schedule an appointment. It is a confirmation of the appointment with the contact. Your client will receive this notification. You can edit the text area, There are current fields already inserted, such as appointment title (title of your appointment), appointment time, address of the gym, and the appointment notes you inserted into the calendar event.

  6. The “Day Before at” select your time. This will go out the day before your appointment at the time you select. 

  7. You can also opt to send a third reminder “one hour before” your event. 

  8. Keep in mind, to check the boxes for which alerts you want active. If the box is not checked, it will not be live.

  9. Hit Save when you’re ready to save your settings. 

  10. In the top-right corner of the booking area, you will now see that the last edit was made and by who on the team.

  11. Additionally, please note that SMS messages sent via alerts will be applied to SMS credits. So if you would like, you can turn these off to save on credits, and use the email notifications only. Both are very effective, so it’s up to your discernment as to how you want to use your SMS credits.

Select the Status for Your Appointments Based on Response and Updates

Now, you can go into your appointments and manage the status and notes, based on how/if a contact responds to the event. This is great for reporting and to identify how many appointments are cancelled, rescheduled, and result in sales. 

  1. Search your contact.

  2. Select the appointment you would like to manage, in the blocks section. Click the orange button for the appointment that says “Manage Appointment”. 

  3. Here, you can select the status of the appointment, after it was completed. “Sale”, “Canceled”, “Re-scheduled”, “Completed”, “No Show”. 

  4. Additional details and options are available when you select the status. 

  5. For examples, when you select “Cancelled”, you can note the reason for cancellation.

  6. When “Re-scheduled” is selected, you can select a new time to meet and schedule a new meeting with the contact. 

  7. When “Sale” is selected, you can select the membership type, the begin and end date.

  8. When you select “Completed” you can add in any notes. 

  9. For “No Show”, you can add optional notes. 

  10. This information is all stored for future metrics and reporting. 

  11. Make sure to “Save” your edits.

New Contact Management View With “Save Filters” Functionality

Enhanced search tools to filter your contacts and to effectively communicate with them. 

  1. On your side panel, click on “All Contacts”.

  2. You will initially see your old grid when you are in “All Contacts”. To switch to the new view, click on the green “Try New View” button in the upper right-hand corner. This will load the new grid. 

  3. You will see a column that sais “Contacts” rather than the old view where you had the fields listed separately as first name, last name, email, etc). 

  4. When you scroll left to view activity, your contact field is frozen so that you can always see it regardless of how far you scroll.

  5. You can now save your filters.

  6. To do this, click on “Filters”.

  7. Select how you want to search the contacts. For example, select “Tags” (which is a very common request). Keep the second drop-down as “contains” to find contacts in that tag.

  8. Type in the tag and select which one you want to use. 

  9. Click “Apply Filter”. 

  10. You can even select multiple tags if you want to search among several different tags.

  11. If you add tags, click “Apply Filter” again.

  12. You can also eliminate someone based on a tag(s).

  13. If you want to keep your current filter but eliminate contacts based on a tag, select “Add Filter”. Then select Tag, Select “Does not contain”, and select the tag name. 

  14. Click “Apply Filter”.

  15.  If your view and filter is where you’d like it. Click on “Save As”. 

  16. Select the name of your filter. 

  17. Click “Save”.

  18. If I now sign out, I can login, click on “All Contacts” and you can see the new filter I saved is selected, and those contacts will show. 

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