Organize Your Campaigns and Review/Edit Your Batch

This week, we are excited to announce two new enhancements to Fit Pro Tracker in order to organize your campaigns and review your batches. The first is the new addition of campaign categories and the second is the ability to review and edit your batches in the batch dashboard.

Campaign Categories Are Now Available for Your Campaigns

In order to better organize your campaigns and filter accordingly, you can now designate your campaigns in two different categories: “Opt-in” and “General”. A “General” campaign is three-fold and is the same for every person. The “Opt-in” campaign is unique for everyone in the campaign based on when they opted in.

To do this:

  1. Go to “Campaigns” in your side panel. 

  2. Click on “Campaign Management.”

  3. In the upper-right-hand of the screen, click on the orange button that says “Build New Campaign.”

  4. We now have a “Category” drop-down in the campaign builder. 

  5. Here, you can select “Opt-in” or “General” campaigns. 

  6. You can click on the campaign back in your Campaign Management area to see the category it is assigned to.

  7. When you’re looking at your campaign list in the dashboard, you can now filter by the campaign categories. By default, you will see the “General” campaigns, but you can click on “Opt-in” to see those campaigns. You can also select “All Categories” to see all your campaigns.

Batching Dashboard Summary

In the past, when you created a Batch, you didn’t have a way to go back and see what you sent, to who, and when. 

  1. Scroll down in the menu bar on the left to find the “Batching Dashboard” option, and click there.

  2. You will see the status for your batch as a cancelled batch, completed batch, or a scheduled batch under the “Status” section.

  3. If it is a scheduled batch you can double click on the batch and see the details about the batch.

  • You can edit the name of the batch. 

  • You can edit the content of the batch. Make sure you hit “save” in the upper right-hand corner.

  • You can also add or remove people from the batch in this area. To remove a user, just hit the “X” next to their name on the right, and confirm if you would like to delete that contact from the batch.

  • You can search for the contacts in your batch to remove or add someone to the batch.

  • You can also cancel the batch by clicking “cancel” in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Hit “go back” to go to the main screen.

  1. If you already completed or canceled the batch, you can still double-click on the batch to see the details of what you did.

  • You can see the body of the message.

  • You can also see who the message was sent to.

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