New Updates to Edit Actions in Campaigns and Maximize SMS Communication

Edit Campaign Actions, Lower Phone Number Costs, Additional SMS Credits for 1on1 Conversations, and SMS Sender Feature

This week we are excited to share some great updates including:

  1. The ability to update your campaign action content for a single user or for all users in a campaign

  2. New credits for your 1-to-1 Messages

  3. Current and additional phone numbers will now only cost $3 

  4. Changing “who” a text message is coming from, using the same phone number

Editing an Action Within Your Campaign

This is an update that will save you time and simplify changes you may need to make in your campaigns. Previously, when you made a campaign and set it live, you would have to cancel the campaign in order to make any changes. Now, you can edit a campaign without cancelling it. Additionally, you can edit it for a single user in the campaign, or you can edit it for all users in the campaign. This feature is available for both SMS and also Email Actions.

Updating the Action for a Single User in a Campaign Batch

  • Go into your active campaigns, and select the one you want to change.

  • Click on the user you would like to edit the activity for.

  • Click on the blue preview icon to the right of the action that you would like to edit.

  • Click “Update” in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

  • You now have the ability to update the content in the scheduled activity. Make your changes in the body area. Click on the orange “Load SMS Template” if you would like to pull in a different template for this change. 

  • When you are happy with the content in the body section, click on “Submit.”

  • Now, when you scroll down to the activity feed, you can hit “Refresh Activity Feed” right next to the search area.

  • You will then see the message has been updated in the upcoming scheduled activity that you edited.

Update Activity for The Entire Campaign

If you want to make changes for everyone in the campaign. 

  • Go to “Campaign Management”

  • Search for the name of your campaign that you would like to edit

  • Double click on the name of the campaign

  • Scroll to the Action you would like to edit

  • Click on the drop-down icon in the top, right-hand corner of the action box (next to the purple icon that indicates the number of people in that action)

  • In the edit box area, you can place the text you would like to add, and you can pull from templates by clicking on the templates link above the edit box

  • Click “Update”

  • An alert will pop-up that this will impact all the active contacts in the campaign. Select “Yes” if you are sure you are happy with your changes.

New SMS Credits for 1-to-1 Messages

We have separated out our SMS credits so that you have a set amount of credits for 1-to-1 messages that do not go against your allotted amount of 2,000 credits for batch conversations. You will now receive 1,000 credits specifically for 1-to-1 messages. This means your total is now 3,000 SMS credits: 1,000 for 1-to-1 messages and 2,000 for batch conversations. This allows you to engage in even more conversations without needing to add credits to your account. To find your allotted credit amounts and to purchase more credits:

  1. Go to “Location” in the side panel and hit the drop-down icon. 

  2. Select “Billing”.

  3. Select “Credit” in the list of options under Billing.

  4. You will see your current balance, including any balance for your purchased credits. 

  5. To purchase additional credits, click the “Add Funds” button.

Note, the gifted credits will start new every month, so any unused credits will disappear, and your balance will begin at 1,000 1-to-1 Messages Credits and the 2,000 Plan Credits for batch conversations. Purchased credits, however, will roll over into the next month if they are not used.

Phone Numbers Now Cost $3

Previously, phone numbers cost you $10 per month, per line. We have adjusted this to be $3 per month, per line. This is adjusted for any current lines as well as future lines you may want to add to your account.

To make changes to current lines or to add additional numbers:

  1. Go to “Location” in your side panel and hit the drop-down icon.

  2. Click on “Numbers”

  3. Here, you can see what lines you currently have. 

  4. Click the orange button, “Purchase Additional Numbers”, to add more numbers.

  5. You will see the updated price of $3/Month, and hit “Select” to add the number.

One Profile SMS Number Can Have Multiple “Owners”

Now, you can select “who” your message is coming from, even with the same phone number. You can only select various senders if you are in the “owner” view of the platform. If you cannot find this feature, ask your team leader to grant you access as needed.

  1. For 1-to-1 Messages, search for the contact you would like to send an SMS to. 

  2. Select “SMS” up top in the contact area.

  3. Under “Choose a phone number” you will see a drop-down menu where you can select any owner that you have assigned to a given phone number.

You can also select the sender for batch SMS sends as well. 

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