Fit Pro Tracker has made it easy to bring your contacts over from other platforms. Whether using the Fit Pro Tracker platform for CRM or CRM and Billing ensuring your contacts are transferred over is critically important to your business.

While entering contacts manually does work, it can be very time-consuming and cumbersome. Fit Pro Tracker has streamlined the process to quickly import all of your contacts with a CSV file.

The Fit Pro Tracker system organizes your contacts into the following categories:

  • Leads

  • Prospects

  • Trials

  • Members

  • Past Members

You can learn more about who should be in each of these groups from the graphic below*:

*You may also find this graphic by clicking Import Contacts and then clicking the link that says "Click here for a breakdown of the contact groups"

The first thing you will want to do is ensure that you have separate CSV lists for each of the above contact groups.

Create CRM Memberships

The next thing you will need to do to ensure everything maps properly is you will need to create a CRM membership to map the contact to.

  1. Go to Location.

  2. Click Labels

  3. Select the tab for Memberships.

  4. Click the Add Membership button

5. Add the Membership Type and Description

6. Click Save Membership

Continue to add memberships until you have added all of your memberships currently in use.

Create Lead Sources

You will also want to create your lead sources before you begin your import so that they can properly be mapped over.

  1. Go to Location

  2. Click Labels

  3. Once you reach the Labels page click on Lead Sources tab

  4. Click Add New Lead Source

    5. Add your Lead Source Type

    6. Click Save Lead Source

    Continue adding Lead Sources until you have added all listed that you currently use.

Importing Contacts

Please note that you will want to import your contacts in the following order:

  1. Members

  2. Trials

  3. Prospects

  4. Leads

  5. Past

This will ensure the correct information is brought into the system. If the system detects duplicate information it will use the information that was first imported and will not merge the contacts.  

1. Go to your left menu and click in the Import Contacts submenu:  

2.  Click on the contact group you wish to import and scroll down

3. Depending on the group you are importing there are different required fields.
4. Click the link to download the sample CSV file for the contact group you are importing and copy and paste the required information into the file.

5. Once your CSV file has all of the required information you will click the import button.

6. Next click the Upload Data From File button and select the CSV you wish to import.

8. Once uploaded you may need to confirm that the top row contains headers. Once you have done that, you now have the option to review your data and map the labels to your own CSV file.

9. If needed, the option to change the field being mapped is available by clicking the option that the information is mapping to, which will bring down a dropdown with a selection of other headers to choose from.

Important items to note:

  • If additional columns are in your CSV file they will not be mapped. You can choose to ignore the column.

  • If all of the information looks correct you can click Confirm Mapping for each column.

  • If formatting is incorrect you will have the option to repair the formatting on the net step. The mapping process will advise of items that need attention.

10. Once all of the mapping has been confirmed click the Review button

11. Once you are on the Review step you are able to correct any errors. The toggle switch on the top left-hand side of the page allows you to only see rows with problems. The toggle switch on the right allows you to view any edits you've made.

12. When your list looks complete and accurate you may click the Continue button to complete the import and confirm that you are ready to submit.

13. Once the import is done you will receive a confirmation message. Click the Okay button to see the imports.

If you have a file that contains more than 1000 contacts you will need to split them into separate files of 1000. Otherwise, when you go to import them you will receive a message advising that you cannot import more than 1000 at a time.

And there you have it!! Now you can bulk import contacts in an easy and quick way. 😎

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