**Please note** You will only be able to integrate if you have the Professional type of Calendly membership**

If you want to have an easier way to schedule appointments and keep everything organized, you can integrate Calendly with Fit Pro Tracker. 

Use your Calendly account to push appointment booked from your Calendly events into Fit Pro Tracker.  Once you set up, any new appointments set up in Calendly will show up in Fit Pro Tracker.  If they cancel their appointment from Calendly, it will update the appointment as a cancel status.  

Note:  Fit Pro Tracker does not push appointments scheduled within Fit Pro Tracker to Calendly.

Go to your location menu and select the integrations option: 

In your Calendly section you'll see that you need to enter an Api key, to do so you have to go to your Calendly account

Once you get the api key you can copy it and validate it in Fit Pro Tracker, then you'll need to create a new callback webhook, just click on the orange button and the system will automatically create one for you  

You also have your calendly event types, in there you can select the duration as well as if they are active or not

To select the appointment type you can go to your appointments in the Labels menu and the system will link them together

Once you choose the appointment type you must click on the sync button

Here you have a video explaining the process:


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