There are two important things about follow up tasks:

A. How to create and assign follow up task

B. How to manage follow up task

A. How to create and assign follow up task

You can assign follow up tasks in three different ways:

1) Follow Up Task

2) Batch Follow Up Task (Multiple-Contacts)

3) Campaign Follow Up

1. Follow Up Task

Go to a contact's profile. Select the Actions tab and then select the Task tab. Click the Add Task button on the right end.

After you click the Add Task button, you will get a pop up window. There are several actions you can choose from, there is Email, Casll, Sly Dial, Text, Schedule and Hold.

Next, select the date and assign a staff member, you can also leave a note.

Once everything is filled out, you may click the Add Task button as it will turn blue.

The task created can be viewed and edited by clicking the view button.

2. Batch Contact Follow Up (Multi-Contacts)

You can set up Follow Up Tasks by choosing the clients you want to set them up to. Then, choose the Batch Follow Up option.

Go to All Contacts or any contact group you like. Select multiple clients you want to set up a Follow Up Task and then click Batch and select Batch Follow Up.

On the next page, click Add Follow Up Task box

And then click Choose Action and select the action you want

And then click the calendar and clock icon to set the action date and time. You can also select the staff member you want to assign the Follow Up Task.

You can also add additional information and make sure to click Save Follow Up Task button.

3. Campaign Follow Up Tasks

When you create/start a campaign, there is an action to create a follow up task

Set the wait days and waits hours and then select the Follow Up Task Action. You can also assign a staff member to override the action and leave a short instruction.

Below is the order of the follow-up task will be assigned to:

  • If the selected user is from Drop Down List (DDL) then the user will be assigned this follow-up task.

  • If no selected user from DDL and contact has assigned staff member, then follow up task will go to the assigned user.

  • If no selected user from DDL and the contact has NO assigned staff member, then the follow up task will go to the creator of this campaign.

B. How to manage follow up task

Creating and assigning follow-up tasks is as important as managing them.

Task Management can be accessed by clicking any of these;

  • Top Right Bar > Follow Up Task icon

  • Dashboard > Assigned Task section

  • Dashboard > Assigned Task section > Follow Up Task icon

Tasks Management can be filtered by date, task status, task owner and using keyword. By default the task owner is the user currently log in. It will display the next 6 months tasks and the past 1 month tasks from the current date.

Clicking on the preview icon allows you to modify the task date and time. You can also choose how many follow-up task items will display on each page. And there is an option to Export to Excel.

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