The Activity Feed displays all the Communications and Billing related actions real time. This can be found in the contact's profile under Activity tab.

In some cases, a contact may have numerous items in Activity Feed and it is time consuming to scroll and look for a very specific activity or a specific day.

To avoid having to scroll over all the activities, you can use the Activities filter, just select the type of activity and the system will give you the activities based on the selection.

You can also search an activity using a key word by typing it in the search bar.

Click the Refresh button to see the latest activity of the contact.

Important Reminder:

  • When filtering the activities, the Pinned will appear first in the Activity Feed, next will be the Upcoming/Scheduled items and then then activity that you selected to filter.

  • At the moment there is no filter for billing related activities.

  • When you click Load More, it will reset the filter selected and load everything.

  • The Activity Feed by default will display the recent 20 activities of the contact.

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