You can find your Location’s default email by going to the left menu, expanding Location, and selecting the menu Settings. 

Then you will select the secondary Address menu.  
Here you will see the *Location Email* which all notifications will be sent here.  

*As of this time there is no way to turn this off.* 

This email will receive notifications from the following sources:

  • Facebook Lead Ad Optin

  • FitPro Newsletter new contact

  • ClickFunnels contact Optin

  • Form Submission from client

  • Incoming Sms Message

  • Incoming Email Message

Staff assigned to a location will receive notifications IF they are assigned to a contact for the following notifications:

  • Incoming Sms Message

  • Form Submission

  • Incoming Email Message

Outbound Emails to Contacts

The system will have one default email for all users.
Note this email should not be used for Marketing type broadcast.  Use the Email service providers out there.
This email is similar to your Google/Outlook email where you are having a conversation between you and your contact.
The default email is: {{your_subdomain}}   The way Fit Pro Tracker shows your email in the clients Inbox label depends on a couple of things.  

  • Default:  In the Location \ Settings \ Address section, will use the label in your Location name text box.

  • If you want to override your location name, you can do so in the “Email From Name (Override Location Name).

  • When the system sends out emails it will default to the above options.  

  • You can override this per user in your location, by changing the “Email From Label” in your profile section under your name in the upper right.

  • This will show when you send an email to a contact, it will default to your label if you set it.

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