Step 1: Go to your Fit Pro Tracker account and look for the Campaigns option on your left.

Step 2: Select "Campaign Managment"
In here you can create a new campaign or clone an existing one from the code. 

Step 3: Give your campaign a name and description, to help your staff follow your campaign.
In order to better organize your campaigns and filter accordingly, you can now designate your campaigns in two different categories: “Opt-in” and “General”. A “General” campaign is default and it's the same for every person. The “Opt-in” campaign is unique for everyone in the campaign based on when they opted in. 

Step 4: Start your campaign by clicking on the "+"

Step 5: Remember to set a name for each activity, in here you can choose the action (Sms, email, Sly Dial or Follow Up Tak), you can also choose the time setting in which each activity will be carried.

It is important to click on Submit or Update once you finish creating the campaign.  

Pay attention to the line on top of each activity, if the line is red it means the activity is missing information such as the activity tittle, the time set up, the content you want to send, etc. and the system won't let you submit your campaign. 

If the line is blue it means you have all the info you need to continue with the next activity or to submit the campaign. 

If you need to eliminate an activity you can click on the detele option

Once you have all the activities set up you can submit the campaign

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