Fit Pro Tracker Campaigns

Campaigns in Fit Pro Tracker allow you to perform various actions over a period of time.  These action's can range from the following:

You can set these actions to go out immediately once you add them to schedule when you want the campaign to start.  

There are several important aspects to consider while creating the campaign. 

  • You need to give the campaign a name and a description

  • Please give a name to each activity 

  • If you have missing information (red line) the system won't allow you to update the campaign 

  • Once you finish and all the lines on top each activity are blue you can Submit your campaign

In case you want to edit a campaign which already has contacts assigned to it you can, but you can only modify the future actions from the campaign. If you want to modify the past actions you can't because the contacts won't receive them. 

Enjoy your Campaigns!!! 

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