Set up Fit Pro Tracker to receive leads (contacts) from your Fit Pro Newsletter.

You will need the following to  complete this module.

  1. Fit Pro Newsletter account (

  2. Fit Pro Tracker account (

  3. Zapier account.  This system is used to glue two or more systems together that acts as the middle man taking and pushing data between systems. (

Fit Pro Newsletter

The First step to begin your integration is log into your Fit Pro Newsletter account. 

Fit Pro Newsletter is set to private in Zapier so it will not appear in the app search.

Please follow the link below to accept the invite to the Fit Pro Newsletter on Zapier.

Click Accept Invite & Build a Zap button. This brings you to Zapier.


  1. Select Create the Zap.

  2. Search of Fit Pro Newsletter in Zapier. **Please note that it will only come up once invite has been accepted from the link at the beginning of the article.**

3. Next, you will set up the Trigger, meaning, when something happens, "New Contact", this will trigger an event.  

4. You will select the radio button for "New Contact" and then click the "Save + Continue" button.

5. Note: If the invite did not properly connect for you from FitPro Newsletter, then you will have to click on the button "Connect an Account".  This will open a new window asking you to fill in your FitPro newsletter API key and email that you use to log in to Fit Pro Newsletter.

  • To locate your API Key:

  • Log in to your FitPro Newsletter Account

  • Click Settings

  • Click Account

  • Click Integrations

  • Scroll down to locate the API Key under the Zapier integration

  • Copy the API Key

6. Once connected you will be prompted to test the trigger. Click the Test Trigger button. If the trigger is successful a contact will be found

7. Click the "Continue" button.
7. Continue on until you get to the end to Create the "Action" step which is where Zapier will send the data from Fit Pro Newsletter to Fit Pro Tracker.

Fit Pro Tracker Integration with Zapier

Now that have your Trigger created from the steps above, we need to finish the Zap with some information from Fit Pro Tracker.

  1. Leave the Zap open from Zapier for a moment and head over and log into Fit Pro Tracker if you are not.

  2. Next step is to go to the Left menu and expand Location menu and the click Integrations.  

  3. Next you will click the submenu FitProNewsLetter which should look like this below.

3. Click the Copy Token button.  This is the piece of data you will copy over to your Zap when required.
4. Head back to your Zap to finish the "Action" step.

In search box for Choose an Action App, type in "Webhooks by Zapier" and select the radio button for the "POST" option.

Click the Continue button.  

You will need to take the url link from above "Zapier Webhook Url" and paste this into the URL text box as is.

Payload Type, you will set this option to "JSON" from the dropdown.

You can leave everything else as default.

Scroll down and click the Continue button.

Finish clicking through to test.

To check to ensure the integration worked properly, go back to Fit Pro Tracker and click on the Dashboard to see if a new lead appears.

Click on the lead to ensure the Lead Generator shows Fit Pro Newsletter.

If everything is working properly you can go back to Zapier, name your Zap and set it to the ON position.

That is it!  Now, go get some leads!!!  😎

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