Referral Management gives you the ability to set up Referral Key Codes to use as marketing material. The Referral Key Codes are a great way to promote your business and get new leads on your Fit Pro Tracker while being able to track the status.

Give your staff members their own codes to get leads, as well as your clients for an easy way to refer their family and friends to your facility.

This is a two-step process to set up a successful Referral Campaign.

  1. Create a Referral Workflow - this sets the flow when a new lead opt-ins to the referral lead form.

  2. Create a Key Code and associate it to a workflow that you have created.

Note:  After a new referral lead opts in, they can be directed to an external Landing page such as (ClickFunnels) or you can now use the Fit Pro Tracker Checkout Pages.

Create a Referral Work Flow

  1. Go to the Left Menu and click on the "Referral Management" to get started.

  2. From here you have two options which each one will need to be created.  Think of the Workflow as what happens when a new lead opts-in from a Referral key source.  

  3. The Referral key source can be three options (client key code, staff key code and gym/location key code).  

  4. Each can create a workflow to associate with many key codes or just one depending on the nature or goal of that key code.

  5. Let's create a key code for your gym to market it through different areas.

  6. Click the "Add New Key Code" button to get started.

  7. From the dropdown, select "Gym"

  8. With Gym codes, you can name them whatever you want as long as it is unique to your location and has no spaces.  (example:  "FREE")

  9. At this point, you can market it, and when somebody types the word "FREE" in their mobile phone and sends this to your location SMS number, they will receive a link to click and open up.  It will open a friendly mobile form for them to fill out and enter their contact details (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone).

  10. Once they submit the form from their mobile form, it will capture that information in your "Leads" group.

  11. After that will show a basic “Thank You” page.

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