With a few steps, you can get your leads from ClickFunnels right into your Leads group in Fit Pro Tracker.

When using ClickFunnels for your external landing pages, you can set up a webhook in ClickFunnels that allows a new lead to directly add to your Fit Pro Tracker database.  

For each funnel you have in ClickFunnels, you can create a Fit Pro Tracker Integration to match that funnel and create a workflow of what you want to happen.

Watch below to see how to set it up.

Important note: 

Minute 3:10 -----> Event must be "Contact_created" instead of "contact_updated"

Click Funnel Mapping Details

You will need to ensure to map your ClickFunnels Funnel ID with Fit Pro Tracker

  • First locate your ClickFunnels Funnel ID. Once the funnel loads, look at the URL in your web browser to identify the number that is in between the funnels and steps. Do not copy the number after the /steps/ in the URL. In this example, you would copy the 10311445 numbers after /funnels/


  • Take this number and paste that into your Fit Pro Tracker Integration ClickFunnel Id. This must match or else you will not see any leads show up in your database.

Important Reminder:
The Click Funnel web hook URL in Fit Pro Tracker is not intended to use to go to the landing page. You should use the web hook from Click Funnel instead.

New Lead Options

The new lead can be added to a campaign or a tag, you can also send a one-time welcome email or SMS to your leads by enabling the option and adding the information needed.

Important Reminder:
When a Contact is already in the system and they re-opt in through a Click Funnel that has a campaign assigned to it, Fit Pro Tracker will update the profile and add the contact to the campaign.

Staff Notifications

You can assign the new lead to a staff member as well as selecting 3 staff numbers to send an SMS notification after opt-in.

Make sure to click the Save Click Funnel Integration button to save it.

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