Voicemails help you communicate with your clients without actually having to call them, you can set up audios in the system and send them by Sly Brodcast. 


  • Integrate SLyBroadcast with Fit Pro Tracker. To do so, go to your location menu and then integrations submenu:  

  • Choose the Sly Broadcast option and integrate it, in case you don't have an account you can create one:  

  • Once you have integrated Sly Broadcast it's time to upload the audios to the system. 

  • Go to assets under the location menu:

  • Choose the audio files menu and click on the "Add New Voicemail Drop" botton, you can select the audio from your computer and then name it. 

  • Once you upload the audios to the system you can edit the name or delete it, you can aso download it from the system. 

  • To send the voicemail go to the contact profile and select the Sly Dial option and choose the Sly Broadcast audio you want to send 

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